Per Strömbäck

    strombackPer has a background in game development as well as in publishing, joining the games industry in 1996. He was a partner at the game studio Monsterland and led the development of “Rock Manager” (PAN Vision, 2001) which was translated to 14 languages. Since 2005, Per has been involved in the game industry’s trade bodies as the managing director of Spelplan – Association of Swedish Game Developers. He has served on the board of ISFE – Interactive Software Federation Europe. Per Strömbäck is the editor of the anthology “Gratis? Beyond Money in the Digital Culture Economy” (Volante, 2009), co-editor of the anthology “The Myth of the Internet” (Volante, 2012) and the editor of web magazine and think-tank Netopia – Forum for Digital Society. Per Strömbäck is a board member of the Swedish Film Institute and a member of the advisory board for the Swedish National Archives. He is also the chairman of the Nordic Game Institute. Per’s book “The Dream of Alexandria” (Timbro 2013) takes a closer look at the mixed blessing of unlimited distribution. Per Strömbäck’s new book “21 Digital Myths – Reality Distortion Antidote” (8tto 2016) is his debut as an author in English. Per has given speeches in French Senate, British House of Commons, Sweden’s Riksdag, at European Commission and numerous industry events. Per Strömbäck lives in Stockholm with his wife Karin and their two children.