Fiona Fanning

    Fiona.fanning.Secretary.GeneralFiona Fanning is Secretary General of CEPIS, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies and an active member of the European e-Skills community for several years in various capacities.  Fiona has led CEPIS’s work in the development of a pan-European framework on ICT professionalism, as well as the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark –  an online tool for ICT professionals powered by the European e-Competence Framework.  When she is not advocating for IT Professionalism in Europe she serves as co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the European e-Skills Association (EeSA), a community of stakeholders supporting the development of digital literacy and e-skills in Europe; a high level advisor to the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) and an advisory board member to Telecentres Europe.