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fitliner500FITLINER TRAINING is a global training system, through which everybody can do training under the supervision of a professional trainer live, through webcam from any part of the world. Simply book a training lesson, to which you will connect through the Internet at a specific time.

We mainly focus on application of 15 minutes long excercise for companies which have employees with sedentary jobs in order to increase their productivity. The 15 minute excercise takes place during working hours in a conference room in front of a projector under supervision of professional fitness instructors.


Logotyp ChargebrellaChargebrella  is a portable electricity generatorwhich is able to charge any type of mobile devicessuch as phones, tablets, or cameras. It offers a solution for those who happen to be in places or circumstances with no or limited access to electricity sources. The device has a user-friendly design in the shape and size of an umbrella handle. A special type of umbrella with an inner side made of a reflective material can be attached to the handle – that is why the device is called Chargebrella (as a combination of words charge and umbrella).


slido500Slido is an audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organizers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with audiences in real-time.

Since its foundation in 2012, Slido has helped to transform over 20 000 events in 100+ countries, working with market-leading clients such as Uber, Netflix, Booking, Adobe or Lufthansa.

We are a team of 40+ passionate professionals who love their work and working together. Spread across four continents, from Australia to North America, we always try to be close to our customers and help them create amazing conversations at their meetings and events.


Mobile Phones Museum

Mobile Phones Museum is a showcase of history of mobile communication devices, which are not here for a very long time, but were evolving unbelievably fast. In the past, there was variety of sizes, colors, brands, cellular technologies, operating systems, form factors, which should not be forgotten just because it all somehow evolved into few lookalike devices with two major platforms. People often remember their first phone, games or ringtones it had, phones they desperately wanted, the ones they have lost or broken… Seeing this collection, people recall those tons of memories they have with these every day life items and realize how much it changed their life and basically the whole world.


Secondary school of electrical engineering in Prešov

spse500Secondary school of electrical engineering (SPŠE) in Prešov has been among the most active high schools in Slovakia for a longer time. The primary goal of all its teachers is to make sure that the school maintains its good name in the region and that its graduates are attractive for colleges and later on for employers.

Continuous challenges for the entire teaching staff are to keep up with the market requirements and look for new objectives, to be actively involved in the work of commissions responsible for bringing education at vocational schools to higher level, to participate in creation of multiple ESF projects that would improve the school training process both from the perspective of obtaining a new and better equipment and enabling professional growth of the teaching staff that could next lead students in more effective ways. SPŠE in Prešov has the reputation of an active school that is a leader in the area of IT education for young people. The teaching process involves new agile training techniques and technologies. Students may achieve professional certificates to confirm the quality of their education.

The school has received several certificates that are generally recognized:

  • School processes have been managed in spirit of ISO 9001 certificate since 2012
  • SCHOOL QUALITY POLICY in compliance with ISO 9001 as of November  26, 2015.
  • Included in the Register of solvent companies – achieved Bisnode SOLVENCY certificate as of September 2, 2016.


At the event ROBCUP 2011 the school team won 2 world championships in robot dances and in 2013 the school team received a special prize for electronics.

Outstanding accomplishments of the school in the school year 2015/2016

Qualifying for the global competition RoboCup

  1. place in the national round of ZENIT in electronics Cat. A
  2. place in the national round of ZENIT in programming – WEB design
  3. place in the national round of SOČ
  4. place in the Slovak championship in handball
  5. place in the national mathematical contest Matematický KLOKAN


Assessment from the Institute for economic and social reforms INEKO

August 3, 2015 – 1. place for the school from among secondary vocational schools

September 7,  2016 – 2. place for the school from among secondary vocational schools