Digitization Creathon For Social Innovation

Digitization Creathon For Social Innovation

Slovakia, Germany, Italy
17th & 18th October 2016

For further information on the Creathons and how to participate in any of the countries, please contact laura.heuvinck {a} schumanassociates.com.

CISCO Creathons

As one of the main partners of the European E-Skills Conference, Cisco offers a unique interactive opportunity and concrete illustration of how technology can make a positive impact by organising a two-day Multi-country “Digitization Creathon for Social Innovation” in partnership with MakeSense.

Students from three different countries are encouraged to use the skills they developed at University to create concepts aiming to have a strong social and/or environmental impact. During this process, they will receive mentoring and support from external experts, both offline and online thanks to the Cisco telepresence system as the events in the cities will be connected with each other to collaborate further.

This multi-country Creathon brings an enriching experience of how technology enables young people to develop new ideas. The Creathons serve as direct examples of how a variety of skills and social digitization will help young people to be prepared for and even to create the jobs of the future. The creative process will be closely followed via online connection by the audience at the e-Skills conference, which will look at the policy side of a Europe in the Digital era.

On 17th & 18th October 2016, the Creathon-workshops will take place simultaneously in three cities: Bratislava, Berlin and Rome.

They will be held during the e-Skills conference in Bratislava and it has the high-level support from the Slovak IT Association, ITAS. The  announcement of the winners by the jury will be part of the closing session at the E-skills conference.

Issues to be addressed

This multi-country creathon event is perfectly tailored to give a concrete illustration of the cross-border issues to be discussed at the Bratislava E-skills Conference such as :

  • How digital skills across all sectors and for all citizens are paramount to economic growth?
  • Are we ready for the digital economy of tomorrow?
  • What skills are needed by the job market and how to meet the demand?
  • Digital training for digital jobs
  • Awareness campaigns in the future


Highlights of the event

Demo time

The students who didn’t follow the online training before the Creathon will  have the opportunity to learn more about Digitization, thanks to a live presentation (telepresence) or offline Cisco expert at the beginning of day one. During the afternoon, the teams will have the opportunity to brainstorm about the business model of their proposed solution, before moving into the development stage during the consolidation phase.

Experts and teams checkpoint

The teams will have the chance to collect online feedback and advice from Cisco experts, who will be available at the 3 hotspots or offline and also from their fellow students in the other participating cities. Some of the experts have technical background, others are design or business specialists. Thanks to the cross disciplinary skills, students will be able to develop global and relevant concepts.

Jury presentations

After 1,5 days of workshops, the teams will present their solution to the juries in each city. Once the winning solution has been selected, the announcement and awarding of the prize will be at the e-Skills conference in Bratislava.


Cisco is sponsoring a special prize for the overall winning team

  • Invitation to Cisco Live! 2017 (accommodation, travel, lunch)
  • 1:1 meetings with Senior Managers at Cisco Live!
  • A guided visit to the Berlin Innovation Center


Riga winning solution

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