Ádám Horváth

    horvathÁdám Horváth is the education director of the ICT Association of Hungary. He is a facilitator helping the education responsible governmental organisations in understanding the needs of IT companies and changing the current educational system to prepare the young people for the expectations of the 21st century. He has been recently involved in the development of the Digital Workforce Programme of the Hungarian government, which has a strong focus on digital education and education of digital skills. He is responsible for representing the interest of the IT industry at relevant education related forums and discussions especially with the government.
    During the last 14 years Adam gained his relevant experience by taking leading roles both at education responsible governmental organisations as well as at industry related entities where he could get an insight into the demand side as well. Between 2002 and 2010 he spent eight years at governmental organisations and acted as a professional advisor in educational issues. He was the advisor of the minister responsible for education for three years where he was responsible for implementing a methodological reform in the Hungarian education system based on the newest IT solutions as well as for online content development for education purposes. He moved in 2006 to the National Development Agency where he was responsible for the funding programmes related to human capacity development. Since 2011 he led several education related service companies and took part in many development projects.
    He joined the work of the Association in 2014 as the leader of the education working group and became director of education in 2015.