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Aim of the conference

New digital technologies are transforming our lives at a pace never seen before. The impact on the way be live, learn, work has been revolutionary; this new age of information and our networked society continue to transform our entire way of being, both personally and professionally. This digital transformation relies on the availability of appropriate skills for all citizens, from the youngest to the oldest, as acquiring such skills will have a positive impact on finding jobs, reducing unemployment and integrating all citizens into the national life.

Europe’s economy relies on the availability of a workforce tuned to the modified ways of working and to the new jobs created from the digital age. Europe must ensure that the new generation, together with the existing workforce, is aware of the new digital careers that are mushrooming throughout all sectors of the economy. Europe needs to ensure that the workforce is trained in these new skills, though traditional and new forms of digital education.

This conference is the last in the series organised by the European Commission with EU Presidencies under the banner of the ‘eSkills Weeks’ (2010 and 2012) and ‘eSkills for Jobs’ (2014-2016) campaigns. The conference will take stock of the current digital landscape and explore what the future could bring to us. We will examine how any gaps could be filled and assess the impact of the previous and current actions. We will address how the momentum initiated by the EU e-skills strategy and awareness raising campaigns could be sustained in the future.

The conference will contribute to enhance the political participation of EU officials and high profile national authorities within the context of the Slovakian Presidency to the European Union in order to mainstream e-Skills issue in EU policies and establish concrete actions on how European citizens will adapt to digital technology innovation. The conference will also serve as a major stepping-stone in raising awareness towards ICT professionals, young people and the unemployed that new skills will be needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

This event will have a fresh and interactive format – including panel discussions – focus on best practices, calls for action, practical demonstrations and informal networking opportunities.

Target audience

  • Policy makers from the EU, Slovakia and other member states
  • Industry leaders and entrepreneurs from all sectors of the economy
  • ICT professionals
  • Students from secondary and tertiary education interested in digital careers
  • Education professionals
  • Private and public employment services; career guidance centres

Issues to be addressed

  • How digital skills across all sectors and for all citizens are paramount to economic growth
  • Are we ready for the digital economy of tomorrow?
  • What skills are needed by the job market and how to meet the demand
  • Digital training for digital jobs
  • Awareness campaigns in the future


What is eSkills for Jobs?

eSkills for Jobs 2015 – 2016, part of the EU eSkills strategy, is a major cross sector, multi-stakeholder campaign from the European Commission, involving hundreds of pan-European and national organisations across Europe including companies, associations, education and training bodies and NGOs.

The eSkills for Jobs campaign is a response to the growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals, which is currently not met, despite high levels of unemployment in Europe. The campaign runs in 24 European countries, raising awareness of the education, training, jobs, and other opportunities that are available to people with eSkills – those who know how to effectively use digital technologies. Together, industry, education bodies and public authorities deliver a programme of events and communications activities both at the pan-European and at the national level.

The campaign is coordinated by DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet.
For more information on the initiative visit: http://eskills4jobs.ec.europa.eu/


More information

For more information please contact:
Francesca Falco (francesca.falco [at] digitaleurope.org)


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